System.getPropertyAttributes | Previo API


Global code list of property attributes

Each property from the property codebook contains 0 .. * id attributes that are selected from this codebook.

Version of the code list as of 11.4.2017

Id Attribute name Description1 Description2 Type Comment Unit
1 distance In the hotel From the hotel text
  • 0 => equipment is directly at the hotel
  • value => equipment is at a given distance
  • no value => equipment is not at the hotel, but its distance is not specified
2 pricing Free For the price text
  • 0 => equipment is free
  • value => equipment is for a given price
  • no value => equipment is not free, but its price is not specified
3 supervised Unguarded Guarded boolean    
4 hotelOrRoom In the hotel In the room boolean 0 => on hotel, 1 => on room  
5 capacity Capacity   number   pers.
6 details Next information   text    
7 breakfastFrom Breakfast from   text    
8 breakfastTo Breakfast to   text    
9 lunchFrom Lunch from   text    
10 lunchTo Lunch to   text    
11 dinnerFrom Dinner from   text    
12 dinnerTo Dinner to   text    
13 openingHours Opening hours   text    
14 dimensions Dimensions (HxWxL)   text    
15 temperature Temperature   number   °C
16 counterflow Countercurrent   boolean    
17 sanitaryDay Sanitary day   text    
18 height Height   number   m
19 width Width   number   m
20 length Length   number   m
21 name Name   text    
22 hdmi HDMI   boolean    
23 vga VGA   boolean    
24 displayPort Display port   boolean    


Name Description
login Login name
password Password
lanId Language identifier (optional)

Sample request



<propertyAttributes> [1]  
<attribute> [0..*]  
<praId> [1] Attribute Id
<name> [1] Attribute name
<text> [0..1] Text description of the equipment attribute
<text2> [0..1] Second optional text description of the equipment attribute
<type> [1] Attribute data type
<comment> [0..1] Attribute comment
<units> [0..1] Attribute unit

Sample answer

        <text>V hotelu</text>
        <text2>Od hotelu</text2>
        <comment>NULL =&gt; it is on site,
empty string =&gt; it is not on site,
string =&gt; it is not on site, distance is specified by string</comment>
        <text2>Za cenu</text2>
        <comment>NULL =&gt; it is free,
empty string =&gt; it is not free,
string =&gt; it is not free, price is specified by string</comment>
        <text>Na hotelu</text>
        <text2>Na pokoji</text2>
        <comment>0 =&gt; on hotel,
1 =&gt; on room</comment>