Hotel.getCompanies | Previo API


Returns a list of hotel partners (companies, travel agencies, etc.)


Name Description
login Login name
password Password
hotId Hotel Id
fulltext Possibility to search for a partner according to a text string

Sample request

    <fulltext>CK Tour</fulltext>


<companies> [1]  
<company> [0..*]  
<parId> [1] Partner Id
<hotId> [1] Hotel id
<couId> [1] Country of origin of the company
<patId> [1] Partner type (1- travel agency, 2 - agency, 3 - others)
<prlId> [0..1] Price plan ID, if any company is assigned (if not filled in, the company uses the default price plan)
<name> [1] Company name
<street> [1] Street
<city> [1] City
<zip> [1] Postcode
<invName> [1] Billing name
<invIco> [1]
<invDic> [1] VAT no
<invStreet> [1] Billing street
<invCity> [1] Billing city
<invZip> [1] Billing ZIP Code
<invAccountname> [1] Account name
<invAccountnumber> [1] Account number
<invBankname> [1] Name of the bank
<invBankcode> [1] Bank code
<invIban> [1] IBAN
<invSwift> [1] Swift
<phone> [1] Phone
<mobil> [1] Mobile
<email> [1] Email
<login> [1] Login name to the company system
<pwd> [1] Company system password
<note> [1] Note
<color> [1] Color - used to differentiate companies on the reservation sheet
<object> [0..1] Room which the company is tied to(serves the system owners only)
<objId> [1] Room id
<name> [1] Room name
<owner> [1] Is the company the owner of the room?
<group> [1] Group

Sample answer

        <street>Janáčkovo nábřeží 54</street>
        <invName>T-Mobile a.s.</invName>
        <invStreet>Janáčkovo nábřeží 54</invStreet>
        <name>ETA Hlinsko</name>
        <street>Etácká 85</street>
        <invName>ETA Hlinsko s.r.o. wrf wsdf</invName>
        <invStreet>Etácká 85</invStreet>
            <name>double 3</name>