Error codes and messages | Previo API

Error codes and messages

Code Description
1000 'Internal server error'
1001 'Insufficient capacity. No more free objects with obkId #%s'
1002 "Hotel #%d does not exist"/td>
1003 'Service temporary unavailable'
1004 "Invalid xsd:date/xsd:dateTime '%s'"
1005 "Invalid dateRange/dateTimeRange '%s' - '%s'"
1006 "At least one object must be specified when booking"
1007 "ObjectKind #%d does not exist"
1008 'Failed to book. Unknown error occured'
1009 "There is no collaboration with hotel #%d"
1010 "Invalid collaboration status '%s'"
1011 "Status must be set to '%s' when starting collaboration with hotel #%d"
1012 "Hotel #%d has decided to disable collaboration you can neither enable nor activate it"
1013 "Hotel #%d is under protection"
1014 "Malformed typ:filter"
1015 'Insufficient capacity. No more free objects with objId #%s'
1016 "Invalid commission status '%s'"
1017 "Unsupported language '%s'"
1018 "Hotel #%d has not defined any logo"
1019 "ObjectKind #%d has not defined any photogallery"
1020 "Unsupported imageTransport '%s'"
1021 "Object (%s: %d) has only %d beds cannot accommodate %d guests"
1022 "Unauthorized access to method '%s'"
1023 "Unauthorized access to hotel #%d"
1024 "Commission #%d does not exist"
1025 "Unauthorized access to commission #%d"
1026 "Unauthorized access to object kind #%d"
1027 "Hotel #%d has not defined any guest category"
1028 "Guest #%s does not exist."
1030 "Simultaneous access denied. Another API function still running."
1031 "Hotel #%d doesen't have a licence."
1032 "Collaboration status can't be changed to active for hotel #%d (overdue invoices)"
1033 "Object #%d does not exist"
1034 "Failed to save guest '%s' #%d."
1035 "Cannot change the reservation 2 or more months after guest departure."
2000 "Invalid service '%s'"
2001 "Invalid operation '%s' on service '%s'"
2002 'Empty request'
2003 'Failed to parse request xml'
2004 'Invalid login or password'
2005 "Missing required param '%s'"
2006 'Invalid cosId'"
3030 "Invalid resId '%s'"
3031 "Invalid lanId '%s'"
3032 "Invalid guest '%s'"
3033 "Invalid payId '%s'"
3034 "Cannot set collaboration for hotel with NONE license."
3035 "Cannot set collaboration for hotel within TEST period."
3036 "Invalid termType %s, allowed types: created, check-in, check-out, overlap."
3037 "Invalid guaId '%s'"
3038 "Invalid meaId '%s'"
3039 "Invalid styId '%s'"
3040 "Invalid comId '%s'"
5000 "Invalid data: %s"
5001 "Invalid prpId"
5002 "Partner %d is not active for hotel %d"
6000 "Reservation is locked"