System.getZips | Previo API


Global list of codes for regions, districts, municipalities and ZIP codes.

Output of this operation is very high, therefore, we do not show the up-to-date version of the list.


Name Description
login Username
password Password
couId Country ID

Sample request



<zips> [1]  
<region> [1..*] Region
<regId> [1] ID region
<couId> [1] ID state
<name> [1] Region name
<county> [1..*] District
<cotId> [1] ID district
<name> [1] District name
<town> [1..*] Municipality
<towId> [1] ID municipality
<name> [1] Municipality name
<zip> [1..*] ZIP
<zipId> [1] ID ZIP
<code> [1] ZIP (number only)
<district> [1] Municipality quarter

Sample output

                    <district>Bohnice (část)</district>