System.getReservationStatuses | Previo API


Global list of codes for reservation statuses. 

Returns all existing reservation statuses (option, confirmed...) 

Code list  - Version as of  19th July 2018

ID Name Description
1 option Customer expressed interest in a specific room for a specific date but has not yet paid deposit
2 confirmed Customer has paid the deposit - reservation is confirmed 
3 checked in Customer is currently staying in booked accommodation
4 paid [DEPRICATED] - this status is not available anymore
5 due [DEPRICATED] - this status is not available anymore
6 waiting list Reservation is waiting for manual confirmation 
7 cancelled Reservation was cancelled by either the customer or hotelier (generally before arrival) 
8 no-show Customer does not arrive on specified date of arrival and failed to cancel the reservation in advance
9 checked out Customer left the accomodation
10 other  


Name Description
login Username
password Password
lanId Language ID (optional)

Sample request



<reservationStatuses> [1]  
<status> [1..*]  
<statusId> [1] Reservation status ID
<name> [1] Reservation status name
<description> [1] Reservation status description 
<color> [1] Hexadecimal colour description used by Previo to illustrate reservation status

Sample output

                    <description>Customer expressed slight interest about reservation on particular date and particular room, but he/she has not paid the deposit yet.</description>
                    <description>Customer confirmed his reservation by paying the deposit.</description>
                    <name>checked in</name>
                    <description>Customer is currently accommodated in appropriate room.</description>
                    <name>waiting list</name>
                    <description>Reservation waits on manual confirmation.</description>
                    <description>Reservation was canceled by the quest or hotelier (usually before arrival).</description>
                    <description>Customer did not arrivedand he did not cancel the reservation in advance.</description>
                    <name>checked out</name>
                    <description>Guest left the accomodation</description>
                    <description>Reservation has special requirements which need to be solved</description>