System.getCurrencies | Previo API


Global list of codes for currencies. 

Code list - Version as of 26th February 2010

ID Code Currency name
1 CZK Czech Koruna
2 EUR Euro
3 USD Dollar
5 GBP British Pound Sterling
6 PLN Polish Zloty
7 RUB Russian Ruble
8 UAH Ukrainian hryvnia
9 HUF Hungarian forint
10 DKK Danish krone
12 CRC Costa Rican colon


Name Description
login Username
password Password
lanId Language ID (optional)

Sample request



<currencies> [1]  
<defaultCurId> [1] Default currency ID of Previo API ( = 1, = 2)
<currency> [1..*]  
<curId> [1] Currency ID
<code> [1] Three-letter currency code (ISO 4217)
<name> [1] Currency name

Sample output

        <name>Česká koruna</name>
        <name>Slovenská koruna</name>
        <name>Britská libra</name>
        <name>Ruský rubl</name>