Hotel.getStayPackages | Previo API


Returns all accommodation packages. 

This function returns all required data to present accommodation packages. 


Name Description
login Username
password Password
hotId Hotel ID
lanId Language ID in which you would like descriptions to be returned (optional)
currency Currency (optional parameter)


Get stay packages in chosen currency. 

<currency> [0..1]  
<curId> [0..1] Currency ID
<code> [0..1] Currency code

Sample request



<stayPackages> [1]  
<stayPackage> [0..*]  
<styId> [1] Package ID
<name> [1] Package name
<description> [1] Package description
<nights> [1] Number of nights
<note> [1] Notes
<galId> [1] Gallery ID which is assigned to the package
<includes> [1] Text description of what the package includes
<meaId> [1] Included board type ID
<unitId> [1] 1 - Price charged for all persons occupying the room / 2 - Price charged for one person occupying the room
<showOn> [1]
<web> [1] Displayed on reservation plus, value true/false
<vipPartners> [1]

Displayed for SPA.CZ, HOTEL.CZ, HOTELY.CZ partners, value true/false

<otherPartners> [1] Displayed for other partners - value true/false
<spaBusinessOnly> [1] Displayed on SPA.CZ business portal - hodnota true/false
<programs> [0..1]  
<syrId> [0..*] The ID of the programs that the package contains
<packages> [0..1]  
<pckId> [0..*] List of available packages for upsale 
<arrivals> [1]  
<arrival> [0..*] Possible day of arrival
<seasons> [1]  
<season> [0..*]  
<term> [1]  
<from> [1] from
<to> [1] to
<prices> [1]  
<object> [0..*]  
<obkId> [1] Room type ID
<standardPrice> [1] Standard price
<price> [1] Current price
<currency> [1] Currency
<curId> [1] Currency ID
<code> [1] Currency code

Sample output

        <name>Welnes pobyt plus</name>
        <description>Příjemny pobyt</description>
        <note>Pobyt je na 5 nocí</note>
        <includes>obsahuje všechny procedury co provádíme</includes>