Hotel.getGuestReviewsSummary | Previo API


Returns a summary of reviews - overall rating of each category + worst and best review 


Name Description
login Username
password Password
hotId Hotel ID 
lanId Language ID - Language in which translations will be returned. Guest reviews will not be translated and always returned in the original language they were written in (optional)

Sample request



<summary> [1]  
<total> [1]  
<count> [1]   Total number of reservations
<staff> [1]   Staff rating
<clean> [1]   Cleanliness rating
<comfort> [1]   Comfort rating
<services> [1]   Service rating
<ratio> [1]   Value for money rating
<sum> [1]   Overall rating
<best> [1] Best review - same structure as getGuestReviews
<worst> [1] Worst review - same structure as getGuestReviews

Sample output

                <from>2012-10-12 14:00:00</from>
                <to>2012-10-13 12:00:00</to>
            <textPlus>Tento hotel sem našel na internetu a vřele ho mužu káždému doporučit byl sem tam jen na jednu noc a mnělsem kolo  které my uschovaly. Ochotny personál.</textPlus>
            <guestName>Emil Volf</guestName>
            <guestViewName>Emil Volf</guestViewName>
            <guestCountry>Česká republika</guestCountry>
            <guestStay>Soukromá cesta</guestStay>
                <from>2013-02-18 14:00:00</from>
                <to>2013-02-20 12:00:00</to>
            <textPlus>Krásně zařízené pokoje koupelny :)</textPlus>
            <textMinus>Vypadávání signálu televize a i bezdrátové připojeni pokulhavalo(2.patro)</textMinus>
            <guestName>Lukáš Boublík</guestName>
            <guestGroup>Mladý pár</guestGroup>
            <guestStay>Soukromá cesta</guestStay>