Hotel.getGuestReviews | Previo API


Returns guest reviews on the hotel. 


Name Description
login Username
password Password
hotId Hotel ID 
lanId Language ID - Language in which translations will be returned. Guest reviews will not be translated and always returned in the original language they were written in (optional)
filter Filter results
order Sort results
limit Limit returned results

Sample request



<guestReviews> [1]  
<guestReview> [0..*]  Guest review
<term> [1]  Time period
<from> [1] from (date)
<to> [1] to (date)
<gurId> [1] Review ID
<staff> [1] Staff rating
<clean> [1] Cleanliness rating
<ratio> [1] Value for money rating
<service> [1] Service rating
<comfort> [1] Comfort rating
<textMinus> [1] Negative comment (text)
<textPlus> [1] Positive comment (text) 
<textHotel> [1] Response of hotel (text) 
<guestName> [0..1] Guest name
<guestViewName> [0..1] Guest name formatted by <viewFormat>
<guestCountry> [0..1] Guest home country
<guestTown> [0..1] Guest home town 
<guestGroup> [0..1]  
<guestStay> [0..1]  
<created> [0..1] Creation date
<approval> [1] Approval
<viewFormat> [1] Format
<source> [0..1] URL address of the partner through which the reviewing guest's reservation was created

Sample output

            <from>2011-08-12 14:00:00</from> 
            <to>2011-08-14 12:00:00</to> 
        <guestName>Helena Nováková</guestName>
        <guestViewName>Helena Nováková</guestViewName>  
        <guestCountry>Česká republika</guestCountry> 
        <guestGroup>Dospělý pár</guestGroup> 
        <guestStay>Obchodní cesta</guestStay> 
        <created>2015-06-08 23:59:59</created> 
            <from>2011-08-13 14:00:00</from> 
            <to>2011-08-14 12:00:00</to> 
        <guestName>Marcela Ticha</guestName>
        <guestCountry>Česká republika</guestCountry> 
        <guestGroup>Mladý pár</guestGroup> 
        <guestStay>Obchodní­ cesta</guestStay> 
        <created>2015-06-08 23:59:59</created>