Returns guest categories of the hotel. 


Name Description
login Username
password Password
hotId Hotel ID
lanId Language ID in which you would like descriptions to be returned (optional)

Sample request 



<guestCategories> [1]  
<default> [1] Defaut category ID (default category usually "adult") 
<gdmId> [1]

Guest category discount calculation ID (1 - from ideal part, 2 - from last bed, 3 - from ideal part (with distinguishing main bed and extrabed)

<discountOnExtraBedsOnly> [0..1]

Discount available only on extrabeds

<category> [1..*] Guest category 
<guaId> [1] Guest category ID
<name> [1] Guest category name
<discountRate> [1] Accommodation discount in %

Sample output

        <name>Child under 15</name>
        <name>Child under 2</name>