Hotel.getGuestCategories | Previo API


Returns guest categories of the hotel. 


Name Description
login Username
password Password
hotId Hotel ID
lanId Language ID in which you would like descriptions to be returned (optional)

Sample request 



<guestCategories> [1]  
<default> [1] Defaut category ID (default category usually "adult") 
<gdmId> [1]

Guest category discount calculation ID (1 - from ideal part, 2 - from last bed, 3 - from ideal part (with distinguishing main bed and extrabed)

<discountOnExtraBedsOnly> [0..1]

Discount available only on extrabeds

<category> [1..*] Guest category 
<guaId> [1] Guest category ID
<name> [1] Guest category name
<discountRate> [1] Accommodation discount in %
<ageFrom> [1] Age from
<ageTo> [1] Age to
<paysRecreationTax> [1] If the category pays recreation fee (false/true)
<withoutBed> [1] No bed (false/true)
<gctId> [1]

Category type:
1 - child
2 - student
3 - adult
4 - senior
5 - others

Sample output

        <name>Child under 15</name>
        <name>Child under 2</name>