Hotel.getDocuments | Previo API


Returns a list of issued receipts for a reservation. 


Name Description
login Username
password Password
hotId Hotel ID
comId Reservation ID

Sample request



If the element is missing the request has not been completed. 

Root element - documents

<documents> [0..1]  
<document> [0..*] Receipt
<invId> [1] Receipt ID
<comId> [1] Reservation ID
<title> [1] Receipt title
<number> [1] Receipt number
<supplier> [1] Supplier
<customer> [0..1] Customer
<variableSymbol> [0..1] Variable symbol
<constantSymbol> [0..1] Fixed symbol
<dateIssued>[0..1] Issue date
<dateAccounting> [0..1] Settlement date
<dateTax> [0..1] Tax point
<accountNumber> [0..1] Account number
<accountName> [0..1] Account name
<bankCode> [0..1] Bank code
<bankName> [0..1] Bank name
<iban> [0..1] IBAN
<swift> [0..1] SWIFT
<curId> [0..1] Currency ID
<priceSumNoVat> [0..1] Price without VAT on the receipt
<priceSum> [0..1] Total price as stated on the receipt
<vatSum> [0..1] Total sum of taxes as stated on the receipt
<details> [0..1] Receipt item 
<name> [0..1] Name of item on the receipt
<price> [0..1] Price of item on the receipt 
<count> [0..1] Number of items on the receipt
<vatRate> [0..1] VAT rate of item
<allPrice> [0..1] Total cost of the item on the receipt


<subject> [0..1] Subject 
<company> [0..1] Company name
<name> [0..1] Name
<street> [0..1] Street
<city> [0..1] City
<zip> [0..1] Zip code
<country> [0..1] Country
<ico> [0..1] ICO
<dic> [0..1] DIC
<icdph> [0..1] ICDHP
<phone> [0..1] Telephone
<mail> [0..1] E-mail
<note> [0..1] Note

Sample output

            <name>Previo hotel son s.r.o.</name>
            <street>Nedvěhdzská 2223/29</street>
            <city>Praha 10</city>            
            <phone>+420 111 222 333</phone>
            <note>Instrukce k pladně</note>
            <name>BK TOUR</name>            
        <dateIssued>2010-11-11 00:00:00</dateIssued>
        <accountName>běžný účet v CZK</accountName>
        <bankName>ČSS a.s.</bankName>
        <swift>GIBA CZ PX</swift>
                <name>Accommodation services (room: 103 - S,dates: 4.11.2010 - 7.11.2010, guests: 1)</name>
                <name>Discount - stay of 3 or more nights</name>