Hotel.get | Previo API


Returns detailed information about the hotel. 

For information about several hotels at once, use the function


Each hotel using Previo holds one of the following licences:

Id Name Description
2 Pro Full version
3 Lite Limited version
4 Connect Version limited to reservations via intermediaries
5 Bridge Devices that have a connector to another reception system
7 School Licences for schools - facilities with these licenses are fictitious hotels

Detailed information about differences between licences can be found in the price list.

Some hotels saved in the system may not be currently active. Previo API only returns information on active hotels.


Name Description
login Username
password Password
hotId Hotel ID

Sample request



<hotel> [1]  
<hotId> [1] Hotel ID
<hoyId> [1] Facility type ID (pension, chalet, etc. ..)
<bookOnline> [1] Online booking
<isTest> [1] In case of testing property equals TRUE, FALSE in case of real hotel
<name> [1] Hotel name
<address> [1] Hotel address
<couId> [1] Country ID
<regId> [1] Region ID
<cotId> [1] County ID
<towId> [1] City ID
<zipId> [1] Postcode ID
<name> [1] Name (identical to hotel name above)
<street> [1] Street
<City> [1] City
<zip> [1] Zip code
<country> [1] Country
<PHONE> [0 .1] All found telephone numbers. Sorted according to relevance to guests (reservation number first).
<number> [1st. *] Telephone number
<mail> [0 .1] All found email addresses. Sorted according to relevance to guests (reservation email first).
<address> [1st. *] Email address
<owner> [1] Address of owner (structure identical to <address>)
<vatPayer> [1] Does the facility operator pay VAT? Possible values ​​are "true" or "false"
<collaboration> [0 .1] Terms and conditions of cooperation. Element only visible if the currently logged in user is a Previo partner.
<status> [1] Status of cooperation
<partnerBonusRate> [1] Partner commission in percent
<previoBonusRate> [1] Previo commission in percent
<totalBonusRate> [1] Total commission (partner + Previo) in percent
<url> [0 .1] URL of hotel website
<license> [1] Previo licence
<licId> [1] Licence ID
<name> [1] Licence name
<arrival> [1] Arrival time (check-in)
<departure> [1] Departure time (check-out)
<maxOnlineBookTime> [1] Daily cut-off time for online bookings
<beds> [0 .1] Number of beds
<extraBeds> [0 .1] Number of extra beds
<locality> [0 .1] Tourist location
<lctId> [1] Location ID
<name> [1] Location name
<countryCode> [1] ISO country code (CZE, SVK, AUT, ...)
<gps> [0 .1] GPS coordinates in decimal format (for example as used in Google Maps)
<lat> [1]  lattitude
<lng> [1]  longitude
<accommodationTax> [0 .1] Accommodation tax
<price> [1] Amount of tax (in hotel's local currency)
<inAccommodationPrice> [1]
taxes are included in the price of accommodation
taxes are added to the price of accommodation
<recreationTax> [0 .1] Tourist tax
<price> [1] Amount of tax (in hotel's local currency)
<inAccommodationPrice> [1]
taxes are included in the price of accommodation
taxes are added to the price of accommodation
<classification> [1] Hotel star rating
<stars> [1] Asterisks (text). E.g. "****" or "+ ***"
<confirmed> [1] "true" if rating is approved by an official authority (AHR)
<rating> [0 .1]

Internal rating. Element only visible if the currently logged in user is a Previo partner. 

<bonusPercent> [1] Hotel rating based on the amount of commission % given by the specific Previo partner. Range: -30 - +170 points.
<enquiryConversionRatio> [1] Hotel rating based on the conversion rate of sent requests turned into stayed reservations. Range: -50 - +50 points. Nominal number stayed commissions / number of requests sent by the PP * When converting over 30%, the partner receives 0.5 points for each percentage. Below 30%, the partner loses points at the same pace.
<extraPoints> [1] Extra points which a specific Previo partner gives to a specific hotel to influence their ranking. Range: -1000 - +1000 points.
<canvasAvailability> [1] Reflects the availability, witch you are offering for sale a partner portals. You get 10 points for using a receptionist system Previo PRO, 5 points for Previo LITE. 15 more points you get, if you maintain the availability Previo always up to date and have enabled mode "online" (for more information, call tech. Support). Number of points decreases if on the following 90 days have very little room available  Range: 0 - +25 points.
<paymentPractice> [1] Hotel rating depending on how quickly invoices are paid. Penalty points for the longest outstanding invoice. Range: -infinity - 0 points.
<guestReviews> [1] Points for guests reviews. Depending on the average rating and number of ratings. Range: -35 - +15 points.
<priceDefinitions> [1] Hotel rating based on price lists being completed one year in advance. Calculated from a continuous number of days in the future, in which prices are completed (default currency in the basic price plan). The boundary of 0 points is 90 days in the future. Range: -18 - +13.5 points.
<visitValue> [1] It expresses how much money earn one visit on the partner's site
<total> [1] Sum of all points
<properties> [1]

Facilities. Each hotel selects a subset of the global list of codes for facilities. With the global list of codes (element <priceGet>) you can find out whether it's possible to determine the distance of a facility (elements <onSite> and <distance>). Analogously, there are also additional options (price, capacity). 

<property> [0. *]  
<hopId> [1] Facility ID
<onSite> [0 .1] Facility is onsite ( true | false )
<distance> [0 .1] Facility is X meters away ( onsite = false )
<free> [0 .1] Facility is provided free of charge ( true | false )
<price> [0 .1] Facility is provided for the amount of X ( free = false )
<supervised> [0 .1] Facility is supervised ( true | false )
<hotelOrRoom> [0 .1] Facility is in the hotel ( false ) or in the room ( true )
<capacity> [0 .1] Facility has a capacity of X (people)
<languages> [1] Website languages. The hotel selects a subset of the global list of codes for languages​​.
<language> [1st. *]  
<lanId> [1] Language ID
<code> [1] Language code
<currencies> [1] Currencies that can be used. The hotel selects a subset of the global list of codes for currencies.
<defaultCurrency> [1] The default currency
<curId> [1] Default currency ID
<code> [1] Default currency code
<exchangeRatio> [0..1] The ratio of the exchange rate of the initial currency to this currency (here always 1)
<currency> [1st. *] List of accepted currencies (including the default currency)
<curId> [1] Currency ID
<code> [1] Currency code
<exchangeRatio> [0..1] The ratio of the exchange rate of the initial currency to this currency
<exchangeSource> [0..1] Source of the exchange rate of the initial currency against this curency (hotel - the exchange rate is set by the hotel, bank - the exchange rate is from the CNB or the ECB)
<creditCardTypes> [1] Accepted credit cards
<creditCardType> [0. *]  
<crtId> [1] Credit card type ID
<name> [1] Credit card type name
<descriptions> [1] Descriptions in the default language in Previo API. For translations, please use the function Hotel.getMessages.
<shortDescription> [0 .1] Short description
<longDescription> [0 .1] Detailed description
<roomsDescription> [0 .1] Room description
<openingHours> [0 .1] Reception opening hours
<gastronomy> [0 .1] F&B outlet description
<surroundings> [0 .1] Area description
<transportAccessibility> [0 .1] Transport accessibility
<additionalInfo> [0 .1] Additional information
<events> [0 .1] Special events and offers
<conditions> [1] Terms & conditions and cancellation policy 
<text> [0 .1] The full version of business conditions and cancellation policy (may contain HTML tags)

Sample output

    <name>PREVIO Hotel</name>
        <name>PREVIO Hotel</name>
        <street>Pod Viaduktem 2</street>
        <country>Czech Republic</country>
            <number>+420 251 613 924</number>
            <number>+420 777 135 579</number>
        <name>Previo hotel s.r.o.</name>
        <street>Nedvězská 2223/29</street>
        <city>Praha 10</city>
            <number>+420 251 613 924</number>
    <activity>0</activity> <!-- deprecated - zastarale - nyni vraci jedine 0 - pouzivejte prosim hodnotu elementu rating/total -->
            <name>American Express</name>
        <openingHours>Any opening time

needs 6-5 hours .....
        <text>&lt;h2&gt;1. Contracting parties &lt;/h2&gt;
The contractual relationship between the visiting participants ('the customer') and the provider of accommodation &lt;strong&gt;_Previo TESTING&lt;/strong&gt;, which is &lt;strong&gt;Pavel Kotas &amp; MITON CZ&lt;/strong&gt; ('the landlord') are governed by Civil and Commercial Code and is governed by these general conditions.
The landlord reserves the right to specify in its sales materials other conditions and information, which will take precedence over these conditions.&lt;/p&gt;
&lt;h2&gt; 2. Prices and Changes &lt;/h2&gt;

Guideline prices for accommodation and any other services provided for the Czech citizens are published in the presentation materials of the landlord (web pages, leaflets etc).
For the customer, it is obligatory the price that is listed on the booking confirmation or e-mail offer ('the voucher).&lt;/ P&gt;