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Previo XML

(hotel reservation portals, restaurant systems, telephone interfaces, etc)

Previo XML allows other systems to get practicaly all information about hotel/hotels such as photos, descriptions, equipments, rates or available inventory. Examples of Previo XML use:

  • List hotels in specified location filtered by occupancy and sorted by rates or guest reviews
  • Add guest's receipt from restaurant system to his/her room account
  • Get guest email addresses for newletters
  • Connect hotel system Previo with accounting system
  • Create interface between Previo and heating systems or other third party systems 

The possibilities are abundant. If you wish to use Previo XML please reach us at


(PMS, channel managers a other systems pushing data to Previo)

EQC XML is used to interface your hotel system (front-office) or channel manager with Previo. The only functions are:

  • Sending rates and availbility from your system to Previo
  • Retrieving reservations from Previo

EQC XML is a copy of API used by